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“Merkabah Fire Hawaii is a Performing Arts Troupe specializing in fire entertainment based out of Maui, Hawaii established in 2004.  We offer fire performance in its true art form, interactive movements combined with various forms of dance, martial arts, blacklight theatre, body and face paint, and fire safety technicians.

MFH utilizes a multitude of fire props to create a dynamic visual experience. Our choreography and costuming can be customized to fit specific themes. Our performance team has performed at many different events ranging from Private Parties, Weddings, Corporate Functions, and Concerts

Our professional performers offer fire dance and belly dance classes as well as custom made fire equipment and costuming.

Merkabah Fire Hawaii ~  “Awakening Through Inspiration” moves to inspire others to their fullest potential.

You can also follow us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/merkabahfirehawaii and              instagram: @merkabahfirehawaii

Merkabbah in Kihei at Leslie Granat's on 8/4/2009 zO9GqrsVhwnxfE-4UWi3MC4czl3Y9nmwPbnFftl-mL0

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